Dareda Hospital has differents on-going projects

Maternity Renovation

Thanks to donors, a new maternity building was built in 2011. A part of the maternity, the labour ward is on renovation.

Medical equipment

Purchase of medical equipment. To provide the well functioning of the different departments of the hospital and the staffs, Dareda Hospital needs a certain level of quality of the medical equipment. Thanks to donation, the hospital slowly intends to provide new materials as delivery beds, patient stretcher trolleys, pulse oxymeter, surgical instruments...



HIV prevalence in Manyara region is below the national average of 5.5 % with an estimated 2.0% in 2003/04. In Dareda, the prevalence of pregnant women with positive HIV-status has been 1.1%. However the potential for an explosion of HIV disease was assumed to be high, as 19% of the surveyed pregnant women were VDRL (syphilis) positive. In other words, once the HIV disease enters the area the risk of spread among the population is high, as can be seen by the high prevalence of the sexually transmitted syphilis disease.

Bussiness Plan

The hospital manages a business plan to be able to provide financial balances and good care for long term. Training of computer and software are done yearly for the administration staffs.