Dareda Hospital is District designated hospital of Babati Council since 2011.

Dareda Hospital has 200 beds. In 2012, it served around 50,000 outpatients and almost 10,000 inpatients. It provides both curative and preventive services through differents units. The hospital includes four differents wards: maternity, female ward, male ward and children ward. There are also differents departement and unit such as an OPD (Outpatient Department), a laboratory, an operation theatre, a radiology, an eye unit, a dental unit, a psychiatric unit, HIV/Aids services (PMTCT clinic, CTC clinic – Care and Treatment Center) and RCH unit (Reproductive children Health).

The hospital also organizes outreach clinics and sensitizations in small villages in its catchment area (Eye care, HIV prevention testing and counseling, Vaccinations).


Dareda Hospital localisation

The Hospital is situated at Dareda in Babati, Manyara, Tanzania.

Its geographical coordinates are 4° 13′ 0″ South, 35° 33′ 0″ East.

Concerning transport, from Kilimanjaro and Nairobi International Airport, take the direction of Arusha. At Nairobi, differents shuttles pass the frontier Kenya/Tanzania like the Riverside bus ( At Dar Es Salam, take the direction of Arusha or Babati. Then at Babati, take a mini-bus or daladala to Dareda mission.



In 2012, the hospital had 2,633 births. With an average of seven births per week at least, the Maternity is one of the most crowded wards of the hospital.

Children Ward

Dareda Hospital change its status and became district designated hospital. Free services for children under 5 years old and mothers are offered by the government. In 2012, the number of patients increased a lot in children ward with 3,053 children admitted in the hospital.

Outpatient Department

Every day, more than 130 patients come to the hospital for injuries and wounds, car accidents, domestic burns, ambulant treatments and investigations as respiratory problem or coughing and others diseases.