Outreach clinic

Reproductive mother and children outreach

Every week, the staffs of Dareda Hospital go to differents villages (Sabilo, Gidewary, Birsima, Endadu, Lomohong) in the hospital areas - half an hour to one hour by car - to examine patients. Each month, Sabilo is one of the most important points of RDV for the villagers. They can not go to the hospital - too far for them - and have also several-walking-hours to reach this village. Then the staffs see more than 200 patients each visit. They weigh the children, give flyers information to the mothers, inform them how to feed their children, make blood test for HIV, examine eyes - respiratory - ears and vaccine the children...

HIV Outreach

Nurses also go to outreach for people living with HIV each month in differents areas (Bashnet Hospital, Arri Tsaayo, Riroda ...). They inform the patient about their status, make blood test, vaccination, give daily medicine and plan their next appointment. The patients come regularly and are well followed by the staffs.

Weigh of small children in outreach

Bashnet Hospital

Information given to mothers and children