The Catholic Diocese of Mbulu - Dareda Designated Hospital

View at the rim of the mountain behind the hospital


Nested at the foot of the escarpment of the East African Rift Valley, the hospital of Dareda is located in Babati District of Manyara Region, 206 km south of Arusha. It was founded by the Medical Missionaries of Mary in 1948 and was developed over the years. This hospital is one of the health institutions run by the health department of the Catholic Diocese of Mbulu.


Since 1948, there has been a philanthropy and cooperation of different people - within and outside the country side of Church and State organizations, as well as donor’s organizations. Due to the partnership with international donors, there has been great improvement in the delivery of health services in various fields. Since 2008, the hospital is the council designated hospital of Babati rural District.


The hospital is grateful for everything because it would not be able to function without the help of donors and organizations. Dareda hospital strives to enhance cooperation in the future.

The nurses go to outreach clinic every week to provide care to people living in villages far from the area of the hospital. The activity target the reproductive mothers and children. During those visits, they distribute information about health care and how to feed children

and give advise to pregnant women. Others outreach clinics also for HIV are currently active. The doctors and nurses go each month in three differents areas to provide care for people living with HIV.

With the help of organizations and associations, differents projects take place in the hospital. We currently repair the water pump, which is broken since a year and a half now. Others projects as the renovation of the building, the purchase of medical materiel and medicine are still in progress.

The hospital, which could not rely on the busket fund of the government and the hospital ressources, needs to develop the activities of fundraising and to secure the cooperation with differents organisations.

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